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I’m a Senior 360 Designer and Director of MFS based in the United kingdom. Throughout my career I have explored new avenues within the design process and broadened my skill set to accommodate

the hyperconnected global information landscape and interactive spectrums that have succeeded traditional print based graphic solutions. I have spent my life researching and engaging with design

psychology, geometry and esoteric principles within applied imagination to build an awareness of audience, narrative and the emotional impact on consumers. Brand strategy, digital marketing and

interactivity are at the core of my operation and the initial touch points to be considered when developing a project brief. I adopt an emphasis on resonance that stems from understanding audience behavior, current design trends and predictions in the ever changing environment of design interaction. I build brands that aren’t just an hierarchy of identity- they are lifestyles, back stories and narratives in which brand ethos is woven into the fabric of all public and company facing operations.


I've been working in the creative sector for over eight years, embracing a multi disciplinary approach to my design process and approaching conceptual and critical thinking in a 360 overview.

I work with companies to develop brands that are engaging and accessible, using Adobe suite programmes seamlessly to actualise a brief, from initial concept to fully integrated design solutions.

My practice is ethically, environmentally and sustainably considered- often working with companies that desire to embrace progressive design solutions through creative problem solving and unique selling points. Trained in traditional graphic design processes I have naturally gravitated towards User interface and User experience design as a progression from my ability to develop functional design.


I have a wide digital skill set which has stemmed from a natural desire to create using physical processes and tools in painting, drawing and making. I am often researching new areas of interest in design

with a finger on the pulse of current visual information and communication systems. If you have an idea for a business, or need design solutions for an existing product or service please feel free to get in touch by email or telephone. Can't see work that relates to the vision you have for your business? Ask for a custom portfolio of work that is relevant to your industry.

I use the following software and services to a professional standard...

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University educated specialising in Digital Multimedia and Interactive Design Arts

Services include: Brand bibles, Style guides, Graphic Design, Digital artwork, Brand strategy, Pitch decks, Presentation design, Print design, Illustration, Social media content,

Keyframe animation, Film editing, UI/UX for web and applications, Web animation design, Information architecture, Photography, Image doctoring, Signage development, Music composition,

Large scale graphics and 3D display development, Sound design, Foley room recording. I am also trained in drawing, painting, making and have a strong command of language and copy.

Please get in touch to find out about availability

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